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Arkansas Tech is a wonderful place to go to college. I, however, have a few things I’d like to see change.

First and foremost, the campus infrastructure. The sidewalks in some areas make sense, but in others, dead lengths of grass and bare dirt show the obvious paths that students take to minimize their walk, or perhaps walk in places that don’t even have a sidewalk. The path to the Energy Center has only one notable sidewalk and it’s not in a convenient direction from the cafeteria, Baz-Tech or the library.

Of course, there is the ever-present issue of the lack of parking. I have a hangtag that has only two available lots, both on the opposite side of campus from most of my classes. Unfortunately, this means I must walk 20 minutes just to get to class, which puts me at risk of being late if I leave at all later than intended.

I’d also like to see the inclusion of more hands-on style classes introduced to Tech. I’ve never enjoyed the classroom setting and the traditional process of teaching, studying and taking a test. I have serious test anxiety, and the more relaxed process of learning and testing my skills with a practical application, such as writing a story or outlining a project, helps to teach me while also easing that anxiety.

To help ease the process of dealing with the intricacies of payments, schedules and transcripts, I think OneTech needs to be refined. The newest interface is decent, but it almost feels like the updates are released without student testing. If possible, I think releasing test versions for all students to browse and provide feedback would be highly beneficial.

For myself and others like me, I feel there are many things that could be changed to improve the experience of college. The master plan is in process and I hope they address issues such as these to help improve the campus from the student perspective. If you agree, let us know.

If you have any suggestions for things you’d like to see changed, email us at

Elexis Harper
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