Summer of gaming: The highs and lows

September 10, 2015 Matthew Emery 0

An epic video game partnership broken, inhumane conditions for game developers and the death of Nintendo’s president scandalized the gaming world this summer. But the future looks bright with several promising titles being announced. […]


State of the music

April 23, 2015 Ryan Harmon 0

Every now and then, the president will present a State of the Union address to discuss problems and concerns within the country and to present possible solutions. For some reason, I feel like music deserves […]

No Picture

Savor the flavor of grilled venison

April 23, 2015 Johnny Sain 0

Fire and meat. Is there a pairing more quintessentially human than fire and meat? The hunks of whitetail tenderloin in front of me just came off the grill. Seasoned with garlic, salt, pepper, cumin and […]


Don’t discount a dandelion garden

April 15, 2015 Johnny Sain 0

I don’t get it. Why does everybody have a problem with dandelions? They are the preferred villain in herbicide commercials, and lawn professionals rank them as public enemy No. 1. I may not understand this […]