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Savor the flavor of grilled venison

April 23, 2015 Johnny Sain 0

Fire and meat. Is there a pairing more quintessentially human than fire and meat? The hunks of whitetail tenderloin in front of me just came off the grill. Seasoned with garlic, salt, pepper, cumin and […]


Don’t discount a dandelion garden

April 15, 2015 Johnny Sain 0

I don’t get it. Why does everybody have a problem with dandelions? They are the preferred villain in herbicide commercials, and lawn professionals rank them as public enemy No. 1. I may not understand this […]


A view from the backroads

October 16, 2014 Johnny Sain 0

The scraggly little buck stood about 100 yards away chewing on fresh shoots of rye grass. He wore his first set of antlers, and they made him look a little lopsided – two points on […]