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This book will leave you asking what if …

March 17, 2017 Amber Appleby 0

You probably know Michael Crichton as the guy who wrote “Jurassic Park,” which spawned four movies with a fifth coming soon. However, long before he wrote about Dr. Hammond recreating dinosaurs, Crichton was writing about a much more plausible horror. […]

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Series ends on high note

February 23, 2017 Amber Appleby 0

Mengestus tackles racism, love and loss in such a way that you almost don’t realize he’s doing it, but it really makes you think. And that’s not a bad thing. […]

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‘Beloved’: an emotionally good read

February 18, 2017 Amber Appleby 0

Toni Morrison is probably the most well known female African American author. Probably because their English teacher made them, just about every person has read one of Morrison’s novels. To all the students who have […]