Editorial: Development and reality

March 19, 2015 The Arka Tech 0

More than seven billion people inhabit this planet. Of those inhabitants, about 3 billion live on less than $2.50 a day. So despite the world’s leading governments pouring funds into attaining richer lives, there’s a […]


Editorial: A step in the wrong direction

March 12, 2015 The Arka Tech 0

A recent bill passed in February by both the Arkansas Senate and House of Representatives prohibits cities and counties from passing anti-discrimination laws not already in the state constitution. The stated purpose of what is […]


Editorial: Shining a light on slavery

February 25, 2015 The Arka Tech 0

We want to inform readers of issues that affect the lives of those around us. One of these rising issues is sex trafficking. Most Americans think sex trafficking is something that happens somewhere else to […]