Career services offers self-assessment tests

Norman Career Services provides Tech students with the opportunity to participate in self assessment tests, which are designed to help students explore career path options. Students can then meet with a career counselor to explore these options and discuss majors.

The version of self-assessment tests career services use is called Focus 2. This test, along with others, are researched, created and designed by Career Dimensions Inc., whose mission is to provide computer assisted career and education planning systems for colleges and universities and people in career transitions.

The Focus 2 assessments help students narrow down their major and career options based on Techs majors and covers four areas: work interest, personality, skills and values.

Each assessment is based on the Likert scale, which is a psychometric scale used in research involving questionnaires.

“We work with students from their first day here on campus to assist them in exploring different majors and different career choices based on these assessments,” Dana Tribble, director of Norman Career Services, said. “We also provide students help with professional development , internships and career opportunities.”

When students finish each assessment, they are provided with a profile summary.

Each summary gives students the ability to research and save occupations based on national average salary. Majors at Tech are associated with the given occupation, and if the occupation has a bright outlook, the occupation is considered a green job.

After students finish these four self assessments, they are encouraged to talk to friends and family about the results. Students should ask: What sounds most like me and why?

Getting feedback from family and friends can help students get an idea of what may or may not be right for them. Next, students have the opportunity to meet with a career counselor to discuss options concerning classes and majors.

To take the self assessment tests, students must register online by going to Go to the Choosing a Major tab, then click on the Focus 2 logo, create a username and password. The access code is norman.