Caraway Hall now houses Tech sororities

Last fall, Tech welcomed another sorority to campus and was in need for sorority housing. Renovations in Caraway Hall began this summer and finished up in time for move in.

Caraway houses 103 women. Phi Mu is on the first floor, Alpha Sigma Tau is on the third and Delta Zeta and Zeta Tau Alpha reside together on the second floor. The fourth floor is a spacious lobby where sorority meetings are held.

Caraway now has new carpet in the hallways with new flooring in the stairwells. The rooms got new mattresses and a fresh coat of paint. The ballroom and hallways also got a fresh coat of paint. Last year, there were only two washers and two dryers, now there are four of each. Televisions have also been added to the first floor, along with new furniture. There are lounge areas decorated to represent the sorority residing on that particular floor.

Senior Haley Paquet, a social studies secondary education major, lived in Caraway her freshman year. She was unsure that that the improvements would turn Caraway around, but she was excited. After seeing the finished product, Paquet said she thought it turned out great.

Sophomore Briana “Biz” Arrants, an early education major from Havana, lived in Caraway last year and is living there now. Arrants said last year there was a feeling of home, but it’s a stronger feeling this year among her sisters and other sororities.
Unlike other halls, there is no hall government. Although there are differences in Caraway, according to Arrants, the girls of Caraway don’t want to be thought of as just a sorority house. They want to feel united with other halls.

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