Bullock looks to future for the on-campus bookstore

JENN TERRELL/THE ARKA TECH Rachel Bullock, manager of the bookstore at Arkansas Tech
JENN TERRELL/THE ARKA TECH Rachel Bullock, manager of the bookstore at Arkansas Tech
JENN TERRELL/THE ARKA TECH Rachel Bullock, manager of the bookstore at Arkansas Tech

The upcoming launch of a new website, www.arkansastechstore.com, is just one of the many things that Rachel Bullock, operations manager for the Arkansas Tech bookstore, said she is excited to see as she works continually to improve the bookstore.

Bullock has spent most of her life in Russellville. She started working part time at Textbook Brokers while attending college at Tech. This part-time job eventually led to Bullock managing Textbook Brokers.

After managing Textbook Brokers for nearly a decade, Bullock stepped down to move to Boise, Idaho with her husband.

After spending a year in Idaho, Bullock and her husband returned to Russellville where she took a position with the Office of Advancement at Tech. Bullock was selected as manager of the bookstore in the summer of 2015.

Bullock said she enjoys getting to work on the campus alongside the students, faculty and staff.

“This is such a great place to go to school and to work. I’m so glad I get to be a part of it every day,” Bullock said in an email.

Bullock and her staff have been working to rearrange the store to make it easier to shop in, she said. “I’m here to make sure the bookstore is a place where students not only get what they need, but also receive excellent service, competitive prices and quality products,” Bullock said in an email.

Bullock wants to be able to provide lower prices on books but also on the services and products that students see, she said.

There are several options for the future of the bookstore, one being a virtual bookstore; these are becoming popular and would allow for lower prices on course materials, Bullock said.

A virtual bookstore would mean that they no longer support a physical bookstore. If they did not have books they could focus more on other areas of the bookstore, Bullock said, they could focus on “maybe adding services like a shipping center and a computer store.”

The bookstore staff wants the improvements they make to relate to what the students want, Bullock said.

Bullock’s focus on future plans for the store does not go unnoticed by her coworkers.

Patty Balcerzak, assistant operations manager, said Bullock is always looking to the future, she feels Bullock will help keep the bookstore current in the changing industry.

“She is organized, has a good business sense and is a pleasure to work for,” Balcerzak said.