Budgeting your daily coffee grind

We all know what Starbucks is.

Give them a plastic card that has your Tech number and unattractive photo on it, and they’ll hand you a sweet concoction of sugar, dairy and a pinch of caffeine.

Starbucks is fine and dandy when you have DCB (declining cash balance), but what happens when you run out?

I’ve blown through my DCB with Starbucks because I work two to three mornings a week at 7:30 am. That’s an average of $12 a week, not including the pick-me-ups I’ll order in the middle of the day.

Have you ever thought about how much cheaper it would be to brew it in your dorm room or apartment?

I recently was given a hand-me-down Keurig and couldn’t justify paying $15 for a small box of K-Cups. Modeling after my frugal parents, I bought a Keurig filter (on sale) and coffee grounds.

After calculating, I found out that each 6 ounce cup of coffee was only 16 cents.

I’ll put it into perspective. For each cup of coffee at Starbucks, I could brew 25 cups in my room.

If you only drink coffee when you’re out with friends or to get through an all-nighter, the cost of a coffee maker and grounds might not be worth your while.

But if you regularly drink coffee, like me, it would be wise to consider different options.

Your collegiate wallet will thank you.

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