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Brock crowned 2015 Miss Arkansas Tech

JENN TERELL/THE ARKA TECH: Haven Brock was crowned 2015 Miss Tech by former Miss Tech winner Logan Moore, who won the contest in 2014.

Haven Brock was added to the Miss Arkansas Tech history book after being crowned the winner Friday in the 60th annual pageant.

Brock, a junior early childhood education major from Haskell, won the crown in her third year of competing in the Miss Arkansas preliminary pageant.

“I am extremely ecstatic,” Brock said. “I have no words that can explain exactly how I’m feeling, but I’m feeling extremely blessed. I am also humbled to be able and represent a university that has been in my family for a really long time.”

As Miss Tech, Brock will be going to different schools in the area and reaching out to middle school and high school students.

“Tech is my home away from home, and I want people to feel the exact same way about Tech that I do,” Brock said.

Brock’s platform is the Carson’s Kids autism awareness campaign, and with the attention from her new title, she hopes the campaign will grow to become a scholarship fund. Brock started Carson’s Kids for a cousin who has autism.

Brock got started in the Tech pageant circuit three years ago when she came to Tech as a freshman. With the help of a friend, Brock signed up to compete in the Miss Tech pageant, where she went on to be the third runner-up.

Three years later, she was crowned Miss Tech. To those looking to follow Brock’s example, she advised them to keep trying.

“It’s going to be a bit difficult if you’ve never done it before,” Brock said. “As long as you set your mind to something and you have a goal in mind and you keep working to achieve it, anything is possible.”

Brock also received the CenturyLink Interview Award, Lindsey Ahrens Vocal Winner and the Nona Dirksmeyer Memorial Award. In addition to the titles, she received a two-semester tuition scholarship to Tech and gift certificates from local businesses.

Of the 18 other contestants in the pageant, those who placed included first runner-up McCartney Drouin, second runner-up Raigan Purtle, third runner-up Kaylee Hefley and fourth runner-up Tiffany Squires. Haley Owen also received the CenturyLink Interview Award, McCartney Drouin received the Lifestyle in Fitness and Swimsuit Award, Colleen Wooten received Miss Congeniality, Jordyn Pulliam received the Virginia Bachman Scholastic Achievement and Raigan Purtle received the Sandi Hodges Dance Award.