Brick Oven Pizza a treat to repeat

Amber Quaid/The Arka Tech

Staff, food flavors a combo for a win

Upon arriving at Brick Oven Pizza Co., I found it a little difficult to traverse the small parking lot. Pulling in on the front side, I got stuck and had to back out and turn around and enter from the side of the building. After parking, I noticed that someone had blocked the flow of normal traffic in the parking lot to pick up their to-go order. A full parking lot is always a good sign.

Dale Quaid/The Arka Tech
The hoagie roll that was used was crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. The ham was slices of real, sweet ham. The sandwich was warm all the way through and the cheese was melty.

As soon as I walked in, I saw the open kitchen, which was clean, and was told to pick somewhere to sit. I chose next to the kitchen, however that table was very wobbly so I had to sit in the middle of the dining room. The server was prompt and took drink and appetizer orders right away. I always drink water, I’m frugal like that and don’t need the sugar from sodas, and for an appetizer I got the spinach dip with small triangles of pita bread. When the drinks came back, the server was ready to take my main order. With it being lunchtime, I decided on a club sandwich as I might have needed a nap after a
The spinach dip came out quite quickly and was served in a hot ceramic boat that had just come out of the pizza oven. The dip was great, it had plenty of spinach and artichoke hearts as well as some onion and green peppers for some added zing. After I had my fill of the dip, (it was a very large portion, likely to be shared with four or more people) my sandwich arrived to the table.

The club sandwich was amazing. The hoagie roll that was used was crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, definitely toasted in the pizza oven. The ham was not regular, packaged, pre-sliced luncheon loaf that is found at many locations that serve sandwiches. It was slices of real, sweet ham. The sandwich was warm all the way through and the cheese was melty. The only downside to the sandwich was the bacon was lost in the other textures and flavors of the sandwich.

Overall, eating at Brick Oven Pizza Co. was a great experience, one that I wish to repeat in the future. The staff was friendly and courteous and the food was great!
Club sandwich = $6.99 Spinach Dip = $7.99 total = $16.32

Wings to die for, speciality pizza needs improvement

After hearing about Brick Oven from various people around campus, we decided to try it out. I mean who can say no to wings and pizza?

The outside is mustard yellow with black trim and an odd parking lot; by odd I mean no flow and if someone is parked weird, good luck.

I will tell you, it is worth the obstacle-course parking lot to get to the food and atmosphere inside.

When you walk in the door, it looks like your average pizza joint: booths, tables, a slight Italian feel with the color choices and the pizza preparing area. We made our way to a table because the place was packed with only a few seats available.

Amber Quaid/The Arka Tech
Speciality pizza, Margherita, a blend of olive oil (substituted for the sauce), mozzerella, tomato and basil with a thin crust.

The waitress came quickly to our table, taking our drink and appetizer order. We decided on wings (split half BBQ and half mild) and the spinach dip.

The appetizers came out fairly quickly. The BBQ wings had a nice touch of sauce to them but not so much that it was overwhelming. The mild wings were a good balance of vinegar and spice (I don’t do spicy well and this was a satisfying blend). The wings came with dipping sauces, a sweet ranchesque sauce with the BBQ and a blue cheese one with the mild. I will say the dipping sauces complemented the wings nicely. Note: I did win a Facebook contest and got these wings free but they did not influence this review.

The spinach dip was just okay. For the price, the portion was a good size but it lacked any flavor even with the help of the tomatoes in it. I think if the tomatoes were smaller, diced rather than large cubes, and some variance of seasoning added that this would have been a better appetizer. The dip did come with pita triangles that were on the soft side; it helped the flavor but not enough. After having the delicious wings, the dip was a let -down.

Somewhere in eating the appetizers, we ordered the main course. I chose a specialty pizza, “Margherita,” in the small size. I adore this type of pizza because it doesn’t have a heavy sauce and the flavors mesh well. This pizza was interesting and not quite what I was expecting. This pizza is normally a blend of olive oil as sauce (a thin layer) with mozzarella, whole basil leaves and sliced tomatoes.

First, it had those large chunks of tomato (like the dip for the appetizer did), instead of thinly sliced round ones. This was disappointing because when you bite into it instead of getting a nice blend of flavors it was just tomato. Next, we have the basil, which was just dried basil instead of the nice whole leaf. Note that now I am eating large chunks of tomato and no basil, the two key ingredients in this pizza. Major fail.

Finally, the thin crust with its nice brick oven crunch was beautiful with the olive oil and mozzarella. If this were a cheese pizza it would’ve gotten the gold. I did eat the whole pizza with the removal of the tomatoes. I can see where this pizza could’ve been great, I am sure the “usual” pizzas are divine but for this pizza it was a failure for me and I would recommend removing it from their menu.

Overall, this was a nice wings and pizza place. I would definitely go back for the wings and try a different pizza (the crust did win me over). The wings were $12.99, the spinach dip was $7.99, the pizza was $6.79 (they offer four sizes, small or personal pizza = 8 inch, calzone, medium = 10 inch, and large = 14 inch) and the drink was $2.09.