Book paled in comparison to the reality of the movie

Oftentimes, the most exciting part of a movie is the hype surrounding it. Believe me, the anticipation I felt for Andy Muschietti’s adaptation of “It” (based off of Stephen King’s book of the same name) was delicious, but it paled in comparison to the reality of the film. “It” is equally thrilling, hilarious and emotional. I would not mind seeing it a few more times, despite my college student budget.

“It” follows a motley crew of pre-pubescent boys and one feisty girl (they’ve dubbed themselves the Losers Club) as they puzzle out the mysterious disappearances happening in their town. The closer they get to discovering the truth, the weirder things get. When one of the members of the Losers get captured by Pennywise the chilling clown, the rest of the team ventures down into the sewers on a rescue mission, confronting all their fears along the way.

The group dynamic between these kids is what makes this movie. Even if Pennywise were completely removed from the film, this would still be a solid flick because of these characters. There is never a shortage of ruthless one-liners, mustered courage or camaraderie. Admittedly, some characters are more developed than others, but they each have their own distinct personalities and struggles. I was emotionally invested in every one of them. I wanted to hug them all and promise that nothing bad would ever happen to them again and I’m so proud of how much they grow by
the end of the movie.

While “It” is being marketed as a horror film, I wouldn’t describe it as particularly scary. There were a few moments that had me jumping in my seat and, of course, Pennywise is a thing of nightmares. However, the true horror, in my opinion, lies in these kids’ personal lives—in humanity.

“It” isn’t so much scary as it is absolutely riveting. I was eager to solve this puzzle alongside the Losers, and I was never able to predict what life had in store for them next. “It” did not lose my attention for a single second while I was watching and even long after the credits were done rolling.

I applaud any movie that can make me go from cackling to tearing up in a single scene and “It” accomplished that feat many times in a mere 135 minutes. I will be talking about this movie for a long time and I can hardly wait to see what kind of magic the sequel will bestow upon us.