Bird scooters make debut



Bird electric scoot­ers were released Sept. 20, in a launch event at the Hindsman Bell Tower by Arkansas Tech University’s Stu­dent Government As­sociation.

Two representa­tives from Bird came for the event to hand out helmets and share information about how to use both the helmets and the scooters. Pam­phlets were handed out, as well as free t-shirts that had the words “Scooter Squad” on the front.

The event drew a good num­ber of students, as well as faculty. Dr. Robin Bowen, Tech president, also made an appearance, and rode one herself.

Scooters will be in different locations from 7 a.m. until 9 p.m. every day. Renting the scooters is primarily done within the “Bird” app. The app has a way to pay for the ride, a student’s ride history, a section on how to ride, how to be safe and more. The app also has a section to send questions, com­ments or concerns to the actual Bird team, who get back to a stu­dent in a text.

Safety is the biggest concern. Birds cannot be taken out of city limits or be ridden without a hel­met. More than one person on a scooter is unacceptable.

Birds cannot be parked in a high-traffic area. Recommended areas include off to the side of a building or near bicycle racks.

To start riding, users need to “kick start three times, then push throt­tle button with thumb to ride,” according to the Bird app. Users also need to ride in bicycle lanes when available.

The app is also has a map with locations of each Bird scooter so it is easily accessible for a user to find one when needed. If a user cannot find it, the user is able to call an alert in order to find it. Bird scooters are $1 up front and 15 cents each minute afterwards.

For more information, stu­dents and faculty can contact the Student Government Association in Doc Bryan 233 or by calling 479-968-0276.