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Being homeless in London did not stop Ed Sheeran’s music

In celebration of Valentine’s Day, this week’s music artist is Ed Sheeran. Sheeran played guitar while he was young and began making his own songs. Inspired by his favorite musician, Damien Rice, Sheeran began his journey to get his name in the music industry. His first official extended play record (EP) was named “The Orange Room.”

At the age of 14, he sought to find gigs in London. The young star released a self-titled record in 2006 and the record of “Want Some?” in 2007, and was the opening act of other artists. In 2009, he released the album “You Need Me;” that year, he played at more than 300 live shows. He used the internet to his advantage and got the attention of Example with a video he posted online. His fan base grew along with him, giving him a name in music.

Sheeran released a book called “Ed Sheeran: A Visual Journey” in 2014, revealing he was actually homeless while he lived in London. Homeless for two and a half years, he slept outside Buckingham Palace. However, this only furthered his experience as an artist as he made the song “Homeless.” With his debut album “+,” Sheeran got the chance to co-write songs with bigger artist, such as One Direction and Taylor Swift.

Ed Sheeran has so many accomplishments throughout the years and still continuing his passion in music today. His last album “Divide,” features many inspiring songs and even broke a Spotify record for the first-day albums. Sheeran’s love song “Perfect” delivered a wondrous impact on the charts, stealing No. 1 and staying on top for weeks. This artist was recognized for his musical talent with his numerous awards, including being honored as a member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire. No doubt, this artist will continue to climb.