Being Arkansan

We all know that Arkansas is a small, simple state. People don’t think of words like “glamorous” or “sophisticated” when they hear the name of our home.

Honestly, many people may think the opposite. If one has not lived outside of the state, he may not know the true beauty of what it means to be Arkansan.

I, for one, have experienced life in a completely different place, and it opened my eyes to how much I love this state that I call my home. I lived in Colorado for five years with my immediate family. We lived in the middle of the Rocky Mountains, filled with mule deer, 4 feet of snow and very high altitude. To be truthful, it was a beautiful place to be.

However, the new wore off, and I was missing something. The Colorado winters showed no mercy, and the northerners did not have that friendly southern accent that I missed so dearly. I had left my heart in the south.

It was not uncommon for me to catch snide remarks about my home state, but I proudly took them with a smile on my face.
I knew in my heart that if I dropped everything at that moment and moved back to where I came, I would not miss a single thing about the north.

I am very proud of being an Arkansas resident. Nowhere else I have been measures up to the amount of comfort I feel here in the Natural State. Out of state, we may be known as the people who don’t wear shoes. Some believe we have never heard of electricity. Some people might even think we all still live in old log cabins with no running water.

The truth of the matter is that Arkansas is home to many people including myself, and only a true Arkansan can understand and appreciate all this state has to offer.