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Beginning of a great writer

I think my boyfriend, Bruce, tried to get me to read this book for months before I actually read it. I normally really like fantasy novels but for whatever reason, I was hesitant to read “The Way of Shadows” by Brent Weeks. I did eventually read the novel, and I loved it.

“The Way of the Shadows” is the first book in the Night Angel trilogy. It is set in the capital of the Kingdom of Cenaria, Cenaria City. The story follows the orphan Azoth, who lives in the Warrens with his two friends, Jarl and ‘Doll Girl.’ The Warrens are a hard place to live. They are filled with orphan children who must steal and join “guilds” (read: gangs) to survive.

Azoth’s goal is to get out of the hell that is the Warrens. And he hopes to do that by becoming Durzo Blint’s apprentice. Durzo Blint is the most accomplished wet boy (which is different than an assassin, but they both still kill people) in the city, but Durzo never takes an apprentice.

Azoth must convince Durzo to take him on before he and his friends are killed in the Warrens, or before they die of starvation. If he can convince Durzo, Azoth will learn how to kill people like a wet boy, and he will learn about the darkest underbellies of the Kingdom of Cenaria.

I can’t tell you much about “The Way of Shadows,” but I will tell you that it’s got a little bit of everything: love, death, magic and just a touch of tragedy, and that there are two other books within the same world, which are all part of the Night Angel trilogy: “Shadow’s Edge” and “Beyond the Shadows.”

I have been really impressed with Brent Weeks. “The Way of the Shadows” was written in 2008 and since then Weeks has finished the Night Angel trilogy and has nearly finished yet another fantasy series. So, in nine years, he has written six books. That’s impressive for a writer. It’s about a book every two years. And let me tell you, every single one is impressive, deep and has amazing read again quality.

As far as “The Way of Shadows” goes, I would recommend it to pretty much anyone. As I said before, the novel has a little bit of everything and is just a really good read in general.