Be the change

February is a month dedicated to love. In fact, people start planning for Valentine’s Day before February even rolls around. What is it about this one day that gets people so passionate about love?

Why do we care so much about this one type of love? There are so many different types of love, yet we put all of our worth in this one kind. We are so caught up in romanticizing our own lives that we forget about loving the people around us. It’s selfish, plain and simple.

This world is aching for love. You know it, and I know it.

It’s all you see when you pull up social media. Parents are abandoning their children, veterans are on the streets, refugees are trying to find a peaceful place to live, sarcasm has become an excuse to not be held accountable for our hateful words. Hatred and selfishness have become the norm in our culture. We stand by while we see someone suffer. We get on our soapboxes on social media about how horrible the world is, but our lives don’t reflect our so-called passions. The only thing that’s getting better is our ability to be apathetic while still seeming like genuine people.

What is it going to take to change our apathy to empathy? Why are our own lives more important than everyone else’s? What makes us so special?

I challenge you to change your outlook in love this year. In this world consumed by hate and selfishness, we should go against the grain and love others as deeply as we love ourselves. Volunteer for an organization that brings your passions to a reality. Donate even just five dollars to an organization, if that’s all you can afford. Spend more time with your friends, parents and grandparents. Make it a point each day to help someone else. If people see the change you’re making, they’ll want to be a part of the movement. Little by little, we’ll have the opportunity to change this world.

Claudia Young
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Claudia Young was the Editor-in-Chief of The Arka Tech (2015-2016)