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Band performs new halftime show

For the second half of the football season, the Arkansas Tech University Band of Distinction will perform music that was composed by a familiar face to Tech.
While the first half of the season was dedicated to Latin jazz, the second half will be dedicated to a more classical feel.

The music for this halftime show was composed by John Barnes Chance. Chance was a famous composer in the 1960s and 1970s. He visited Tech on two different occasions, one being in 1971, just one year before his death.

Chance was born in Texas in 1932. He went on to compose several works.

SIERRA MURPHY/THE ARKA TECH: The Arkansas Tech University Band of Distinction performs before kickoff at Thone Stadium at Buerkle Field at a recent home game.

Tech band director Michael Westbrook said, “Anyone who has had any experience directing in schools has most likely played something by John Barnes Chance.”

Chance was awarded the Carl Owens Award for student composition in 1956-57. He was also a composer for the Army’s Fourth and Eighth bands. In 1966, he joined the faculty at the University of Kentucky and taught there until his sudden death in 1972.

The band of distinction will be performing a show based on two of Chance’s most famous works, “Incantation and Dance” and “Variations on a Korean Folksong.” “Variations on a Korean Folksong” was a piece that was written during Chance’s time in the Army.

The show is approximately 6 1/2 minutes long and was debuted at Saturday’s game. The show will be performed in its entirety at Tech’s homecoming game.
Westbrook said the halftime show will “feature everyone.”

On Tuesday, the band will be performing at the Region 9 ASBOA (Arkansas School Band and Orchestra Association) Contest at Russellville High School. It will perform the John Barnes Chance classical show at the competition.