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The Nature of Imagine Dragons

October 16, 2018 Jordan Clark 0

If someone were to mention the band Imagine Dragons it would ring a bell in your head. Well-known for their most popular song “Radioactive,” which was actually a part of their debut album “Night Visions” […]

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Sheeran versus Gaye

September 16, 2018 Jordan Clark 0

Lawsuits in the music industry happen more than you may think, especially over current artists of today and past artists’ works. These cases are processed cases un­der the United States’ court system. More­over, it is […]

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Demi Lovato

September 7, 2018 Jordan Clark 0

If the name Demetria Devonne Lovato does not ring any bells for you, then maybe her stage name, Demi Lovato, will. The well-known pop and R&B music artist actually got her rise to fame as […]

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IDGAF has tremendous beat

February 4, 2018 Jordan Clark 0

2018 is an exciting new year, which means a new variety of inspiring music for eardrums to experience. This week make sure to keep an eye out for Dua Lipa, who is no stranger to […]