Technology: making us lazier

March 13, 2018 Dale Quaid 0

This is the future according to 80’s Sci-Fi, we have refrigerators that can order groceries for you, powerful all-in-one pocket computers and soon, self-driving cars. With all of the luxuries of today’s society a person […]

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Brick Oven Pizza a treat to repeat

February 21, 2018 Dale Quaid 0

Staff, food flavors a combo for a win Upon arriving at Brick Oven Pizza Co., I found it a little difficult to traverse the small parking lot. Pulling in on the front side, I got […]

Arts & Entertainment

Kob Jai has reasonable prices, decent food

February 5, 2018 Dale Quaid 0

Kob Jai is a Thai restaurant located in downtown Russellville; the red sign is hard to miss. Walking in, I noticed the small dining room isn’t overly decorated, with plain colored walls and about seven […]