The state has stuck its nose in it

September 14, 2017 The Arka Tech 0

Arkansas Tech University is no exception. However, with the guidelines comes an unclear line of who holds the final say over the university’s business. We say it should be Dr. Robin Bowen, president, and the […]


Commercials get political

April 21, 2017 The Arka Tech 0

This past year’s election has lit a fire under some companies and their owners are no exception. The fire lit within them has been expressed through their commercials, but we should not take it at face value. […]


Government invasion of universities’ rights

April 14, 2017 The Arka Tech 0

Arkansas Legislature appears to be getting more and more involved in the day-to-day operation of colleges and universities, from the most recent gun law bill that passed to issues with defunding different departments here at Arkansas Tech University. […]