ATU Multi-Sports Complex: Coming Soon

A $3.5 million multi-sports complex is expected to be completed and open in spring 2018 on Arkansas Tech University campus. It will house new facilities and practice areas for the sports teams.

When the complex is completed, current storage facilities and practice areas will be moved from the team’s current facility, Stroupe Hall, to the complex.

“Stroupe is the worst building on campus, yet it is used for indoor practices and storage for our sports teams,” Steve Mullins, Tech’s athletic director, said.

Stroupe Hall is littered with broken windows, unhinged doors and under-equipped facilities. “It is definitely reminiscent of the phrase from the outhouse to the penthouse,” Mullins said.

“Next semester, a beautiful new structure will rise beyond the left-field wall at Tech Field. The Multi-sports complex will include locker rooms, coaches’ offices, indoor practice spac, and a conference room that will be utilized for a wide variety of purposes,” President of Arkansas Tech Robin Bowen said.

One of the primary benefits of this structure is the climate-controlled area that spring sports teams will be able to take advantage of and practice in.

“Being able to have those facilities for our sports and faculty will not only be helpful, but it will make it feel more like home for our athletes,” Mullins stated.