ATU Golden Suns tennis team now 2-2 in conference


The Arkansas Tech Golden Suns tennis team is now fourth in conference with a 2-2 standing. They recently suffered their first losses to Oklahoma Baptist and Southeastern Oklahoma State.

The first conference loss was to Oklahoma Baptist on Monday, April 5; the Golden Suns lost 8-1. Kami Ward and Annabel Rowlands put the team on the scoreboard by winning the second court of the doubles matches. However, Oklahoma Baptist took the lead in doubles by winning two of the three courts. The Golden Suns won two sets in the singles matches, but ultimately lost the courts. This led to Oklahoma Baptist sweeping the competition in singles without dropping a court. This kept Oklahoma Baptist in the lead as they claimed the winning title of this match.

The second conference loss was to Southeastern Oklahoma State on Sunday, April 8. Megan Ball and Teresea Sanchez won the first doubles court of the match after Katharina Drebka and Julia Schoch. This put the team in the lead by two courts in the doubles match as they headed into singles. Although Kami Tucker and Annabel Rowlands won their courts in singles, Southeastern Oklahoma State won three of the five courts. This made the final score 5-4 in favor of Southeastern Oklahoma State.

Despite the recent loses, Abby Davis, head coach of the Golden Suns tennis team, is hopeful about the upcoming matches.

“The teams we lost to will likely be No. 1 and No. 2 seed in the conference tournament. We feel like we could have been one of the top two seeds, but now we just have to take care of business at home this weekend against Harding and Henderson.”

The team will have its next match at Arkansas Tech on Thursday, April 12, at 2 p.m. against Harding University followed by a match on Saturday, April 14th at 3 p.m. against Henderson State.