Arkansas Tech, home away from home for out of state students

Amber quaid/The Arka Tech The top five home states for students at ATU are: Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Louisiana, and Tennessee, respectively.

The majority of Arkansas Tech students, to no surprise, are from the state of Arkansas but 7.5 percent of the students attending ATU are from states other than Arkansas.

College in and of itself can be an intimidating path to take for many individuals, let alone supplementing that with the thought of leaving the comfort of their hometown to further their education. According to the Washington Post, only 11 percent of students travel over 500 miles from their hometown for college. Based on this statistic, it makes sense that the top five home states for students at ATU are Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Louisiana and Tennessee, respectively. Students are less inclined to venture out of their known world to start a new chapter in their lives; however, doing so can be extremely rewarding.

“My favorite thing here is the environment and getting to live with my aunt. It’s a new town with new people and I can start over and learn new things about the town and people,” said Violet Carter, a marketing and management major from Gore, Oklahoma.

USA Today confirms that gaining a new start is one of the many benefits of traveling out of state for college, and is a big motivation among youth in America. Whether it be for sports, academics, scholarships or family, students from across the nation become a part of the ATU family each academic year.

“I was offered a football scholarship, and I was pointed in the direction of the Honors College,” said Mark Johnson, a nuclear physics major from Shreveport, Louisiana.

Whatever individual motivations to attend ATU may be, it without a doubt has an atmosphere that is like a home away from home for many students. With more than 100 student organizations on campus for students to get involved in, there is room at every table for anyone who may feel out of place.

“Look forward to meeting some of your closest friends of your life, and also make sure to get involved with campus life,” said Stephen Knezevich, a wellness science major from Burbank, California.

Each Arkansas Tech student is valuable and contributes to the university in their own way. Without the diversity and individualization present in Tech culture that students bring, it would not be the known and loved university that it is.