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Arkansas Radio Theatre is marking a milestone year


Arkansas Radio Theatre is marking a milestone year with three new episodes and several old classics.

Like audiobooks, the Radio Theatre presents classic and original plays in an audio format, recorded and aired on a radio station and then uploaded online for unlimited access.

The 10th anniversary of Arkansas Radio Theatre will bring an adaptation of the play “Missio Julie” and two new episodes of “Concealed Carrie,” an original production by Dr. David Eshelman, associate professor of communication and theatre director.

September 30 will be the final episode of a double feature for “Concealed Carrie,” and it will air at 7 p.m. on KXRJ 91.9. The first of the double-feature episodes has already aired, but it can be found online at the new blog, a feature introduced this fall.

Eshelman was excited for the new format, explaining that it streamlines and reorganizes the files posted on YouTube for easier access and more effective listening.
Students who want to catch up on past productions can find the blog at

If students would rather be involved in the productions, Eshelman said often auditions are held in conjunction with the stage plays.

“What we’ve been trying to do lately is to audition for all our plays at once,” said Eshelman. “That allowed us to extend more opportunities…it prevents us having to break as many hearts.”

Audition dates can be found on fliers all around the Tech campus, or students can contact the theatre department for more information.

Students can also specify if they prefer to only audition for the radio productions, and auditions are open to any student with an interest.

“You can actually write on your audition form if you don’t want to be on stage,” said Eshelman.

Auditions are open to all majors and they can email Eshelman at to request placement on an announcement list for audition dates.