Appealing parking tickets now easier


The process of appealing a parking ticket has become an online and streamlined process.

Once students receive a parking ticket, the charge will be added to their student account on OneTech. If you feel as though your ticket needs to be appealed, you can go on OneTech to the “purchase parking permit” section and select the appeal form. There, you will fill out a form about your ticket and why you think it should be appealed.

Tori Rollins, a wellness science major from Little Rock, received a parking ticket for parking in a handicapped spot while having an expired handicapped hang tag in December 2017. Rollins, whose previously injured foot made her eligible to receive a handicapped hang tag, stated that going through the appeal process was not difficult at all.

“It was super simple,” said Rollins. “I went on OneTech to where you can buy a parking pass, clicked on the appeal section,and filled out a form on why I thought my ticket should be appealed. It didn’t even take me 10 minutes.”

Rollins stated that after a week, she looked at her “Student Accounts” tab on OneTech and realized her ticket had been removed from her account.

According to one Arkansas Tech faculty member, parking ticket appeal requests are fairly common.

Will Cooper, assistant dean for student conduct, said that the Traffic and Parking Committee receives roughly 20-30 appeal requests per week. Cooper, who is the head of the Traffic and Parking Committee, says that the committee meets once a week to discuss appeal requests. “First and foremost, make sure to appeal the ticket in a timely manner, within the threeday window,” Cooper said.

Cooper also stated that he and the committee are always open to student recommendations. He is also open to volunteers for the Traffic and Parking Committee. If you or someone you know is in good academic and disciplinary standing and is interested in being on the Traffic and Parking Committee, contact Will Cooper at