Anticipated album doesn’t disappoint


As anticipated by critics and fans, Atlanta’s Jacquees released a new 12-song mixtape, “Since You Playin’” on Jan. 25 of this year. I have been waiting to hear a more grown and sexy sound from Jacquees, and he does it well in this project. This tape is not exactly your regular mixtape.

Thanks to the Internet, the term “mixtape” in rap and R&B has taken on a whole other meaning, replacing remixed songs with original songs by the artist putting out the project. So instead of giving listeners older songs with new words, fans get free new music. This body of work is for those who want something smooth to listen to or something to play in the background. In addition, if you like 90s R&B songs and/or men singing love songs: this is the mixtape for you.

I have been listening to Jacquees since my junior year of high school, and personally, I can say that he has improved all around as an artist. Back then, many of his songs were juvenile R&B. Now that he is getting a little older, so is the wordplay and the sensual beats he chose for the tape.

“Since You Playin’” is the type of project you can play from start to finish, with the top back, riding around the city.

The most exciting additions to his mixtape are the features from Tory Lanez, Tank and Ty Dolla $ign, who are R&B superstars, and many more. Production credits include Nash B, Beezo, Murphy Kid and Coop who give the tape a lot of flavor by having those smooth instrumentals that make me want to replay the songs repeatedly.

The first song on the album is called “Just The Intro,” and this is where he reintroduces his self as a man who has grown both in maturity and musically. This new approach from the intro gives the impression that every song will feel seductive but short and sweet.

Track 4 includes a part 2 of “B.E.D.” featuring Quavo (1/3 of Migos) and Ty Dolla $ign, who are top list acts of rap culture. This is the first single of the tape. He takes bites of Avant’s ‘Read Your Mind’ to make a sing-a-along chorus that you can catch on to after a couple of listens.

The 5 songs right after that are the best tracks as far as production and the arrangement of the features. “Lay Ya Down” is the track that flows perfectly right after “B.E.D.”, grabbing R&B’s finest, Tank, to give us desirable vocals and a relaxed beat.

The next song, “Sink,” has a trap meets sultry beat with verses from Jacquees’s FYB clique. Every song flows perfectly and never loses track of a seductive mood that makes the listener want to come back to listen.

This project is definitely fitting for cuffing season and, with Valentine’s Day around the corner, this gets you feeling good while you are having the time of your life with bae.