An open letter to Angus Young

Dear Mr. Young,

By now, most fans of AC/DC are aware of the fact that Brian Johnson is no longer in the band due to alleged hearing loss. I’m not saying I don’t believe he’s suffering from hearing loss. As loud as the band plays, it doesn’t surprise me. It’s the fact that you plan to continue without him that bothers me.

As of right now, Cliff Williams and yourself are the only long-time, recognizable members in the band. I mean no disrespect to Stevie Young or Chris Slade. After Malcolm Young was forced to retire, due to dementia, hiring his nephew seemed like the best choice. Then, of course, Phil Rudd hiring a hitman seemed to be somewhat problematic, so bringing Slade back into the band was a good move.

So, after losing two of the group’s iconic members, fans still accepted it. Many shows were sold out on your latest tour, even though the ticket prices were a little high. Now the plan is to finish the remaining 10 dates of the tour with a guest vocalist, which we’ve learned is likely to be Axl Rose of Guns N’ Roses.

I get it. It’s only 10 shows and the money will still be good; but isn’t it just a bit much to ask your fans to pay an average of $250 to see two members of AC/DC?

When Bon Scott passed away, you got lucky by being able to bring in Brian Johnson and still have enormous success when most bands suffer after the loss of a singer. I have no doubt that most people will still go,
and many will probably accept it. That’s their choice.

In my opinion, continuing as AC/DC with this lineup, even just for 10 shows, doesn’t show much respect to the band’s legacy.

You’ve now lost three out of five members. It’s time to hang it up.

I doubt you’ll ever even read this, but as a fan, I felt I needed to throw my two cents in. Nothing lasts forever. In the words of Early Cuyler, “let’s let them sleeping dogs lie.”