America’s pastime, now and always

The Houston Astros versus Los Angeles Dodgers World Series is still being talked about. Game seven of the World Series was must-watch television as the Astros World Series championship-clinching game is the second most-watched baseball broadcast in over 13 years. Baseball fans are saying this World Series was one of greatest World Series ever. Kevin Kaduk, a journalist for Yahoo Sports said, “There’s no doubt, though, that Astros-Dodgers in 2017 will always be at the tip of my tongue when we’re talking about great World Series. And I will say this: It’s by far the best World Series of the social media era.”

What about those critics who say baseball is not America’s pastime anymore? Truthfully, baseball will always will be popular. People have been singing “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” since 1839 when the sport was invented. The game of baseball will always be in America’s heart. Baseball broke the color barrier with Jackie Robinson; many other sports can’t say they did something like that.

In fact, this year’s World Series proves that people still enjoy siting in a ball park with a hot-dog watching their favorite team play. The whole city of Houston was behind the Astros, which proves even more that baseball still has a place in America’s heart.

Baseball carries so much history, legendary players and myths. Baseball represents America well and what it has been through from the Great Depression to the Civil Rights Movement. Whatever America has gone through, baseball has reflected it through the game. Baseball will continue to stay relevant here in the United States of America.