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Food review: Al’s Cheesecake Reviewed

The Arka Tech checked out one of Russellville’s newest food vendors — Al’s Cheesecake.


Sam Hoisington, Web Editor

Full disclosure: I’ve been to Al’s before, and I liked it. But our objective was to find a cheap meal, and I did it. A meal combo containing a chili cheese sausage on bun, can of Dr Pepper and a bag of Fritos came to a low sum of $5. The sausage was hefty and left me feeling full. The owners hail from Minnesota, and their sausages reminded me of my time spent in neighboring Wisconsin, famous for its brat culture. I had to eat it with a fork and knife because it was so messy, which is a mark of a good meal if you ask me.

$5 New York cheesecake with water

Sierra Murphy, News Editor

This foodie was tripped up a bit by the homemade cheesecake that can be found at Al’s Cheesecake off Parkway and Weir Road. I sampled the traditional, New York cheesecake with homemade strawberry and blueberry sauce and was quite surprised. The cheesecake was fluffy, the crust was buttery and between the two there was a perfect balance between the tart of the cheesecake and the sugar of the crust.

Upon further questioning, I f​ound out Al and Barbara, owners of Al’s Cheesecake, offer pumpkin cheesecake in the fall and fruit flavored cheesecakes in the spring. I’m thinking about taking advantage of pre-ordering service.

$3.50 hot dog with chips

Claudia Hall, Opinions Editor

This was my first visit to Al’s Cheesecake. I’ve passed by on my way to Wal-Mart multiple times but have never stopped to check it out. I wasn’t aware that Al’s had more than just cheesecake, so I was pleasantly surprised. I ordered a hot dog and a water, which totaled to a simple $3.50. I was expecting a typical stadium dog but was again surprised.

The hot dog was 100 percent beef, and the bun was not flimsy. Because the hot dog was a quarter pounder, I needed nothing more than the dog and a bottle of water. I will most definitely be returning in the near future.

Photos by Claudia Hall/The Arka Tech