The Arka Tech is a weekly publication produced by the students of Arkansas Tech University. New editions are available every Thursday free of charge at several on campus locations.

Staff members are comprised of students of all majors, and all current students are encouraged to become involved by attending one of our weekly meetings or emailing

Feel free to contact us.

Current high-need staffing areas:

Students are given assignments based on their level of comfort.

Photographers: Get your work featured in The Arka Tech, in print and online. Looking for persons to photograph on-campus events. Experience not required, equipment available for checkout.

Opinion Writers: Bolster that resume while writing about what you care about. For this position, we’re looking for someone who knows what they’d like to write about (and knows it well). Examples of opinion article subject areas include video games, music, dating or anything else under the sun.


Categories and subcategories explained:

News: Coverage of events, as unbiased as possible

– In the Community: News coverage of the River Valley

– Man on the Street: Polls

– Photo Story: News told through photos

– Police Reports: Summaries of crime and police activity derived from local police report


Lifestyle: Could also be explained as entertainment articles, may contain opinions

– Features: Articles profiling specific events, persons, or groups

– Food Review: Reviews of local restaurants

– Music: Articles about music

– Outdoors: Articles about nature and related subjects


Sports: Sports coverage of (mostly) campus sports