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A look at TV’s fall premieres


It’s premiere season on TV, and it’s starting out pretty strong. All the major networks are in a battle to be the best this season.

ABC seems to be leading the pack this week with “How to Get Away With Murder,” which is a drama about a law professor and her students that get involved in a murder themselves. ABC’s “Blackish,” a comedy about a middle class black family living in a mostly white community, also provides the network an edge.

CBS’ “Madame Secretary” and Fox’s “Gotham” and “Red Band Society” also premiered with high ratings.

However, NBC’s “The Mysteries of Laura” is a show that probably won’t make it past the first season. I tried it out, like most viewers, to see what Deborah Messing was like outside of “Will and Grace.” I was not impressed. The show is about Messing as a mom who is also a detective that works for her ex-husband.

This week looks promising for more premieres as well.

ABC will be premiering “Selfie,” a comedy about a self-involved social media star, Karen Gillan, and her attempts to change with the help of her co-worker, John Cho. “Selfie” premiered on Tuesday.

Fox will premiere “Gracepoint,” a remake of a series from the UK called “Broadchurch,” on Thursday, and NBC will premiere “Marry Me,” staring Casey Wilson on October 14.