A heart made of pure gold


Around this time last year, one the greatest things in the history of music happened — Dawn Richard released her self-debuted album “Goldenheart.”

What makes this news so important, you may ask?

Well, Richard started out her career in music as a part of the girl group Danity Kane. After many years together and two hit albums, the group split up because of major differences.

A year after that, Richard started singing with the group Dirty Money. Dirty Money consisted of herself, Diddy and singer-songwriter Kaleena.

After a short stint with this group, Richard released her first EP album on iTunes, titled “Armor On.”

The album was a major success in Richard’s career. After all that hard work, she finally released her first solo album, “Goldenheart.”

But what makes this significant is that she is releasing albums independently.

She calls her fans “hearts,” thus earning her the self-proclaimed title of “Queen of Hearts.” She symbolizes her music as a warrior-huntress fighting for her dreams.

I rate “Goldenheart” a 5/5.

A few of my favorite songs on this top-rated album are “Return of a Queen,” “Goliath (Interlude),” “Gleaux,” “Frequency,” and “Goldenheart.”

The album is available for $9.99 on iTunes.com.

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