A different side of spring break

While some students spend their spring break vacationing, many do not have the luxury of getting away and will remain at home free from the stress of college.

James Fountain, sophomore mechanical engineering major from Jessieville, said he will be spending his break relaxing in the spring weather.

“For most of the break I’ll probably spend it chilling at home playing video games, eating and working out,” Fountain said.

Many other students said they will also be spending their time sleeping or catching up on their favorite shows; however, one student has decided to spend her break in a nontraditional way. Terrionna Brockman, junior graphic design major from Morrilton, will join a group of students in performing community service in San Antonio for the Alternative Spring Break experience.

Brockman said her spring break will not only be spent doing community service but also exploring the culture of San Antonio. She said she’s excited for the opportunity because she’s never been on a spring break trip like this or given back in a major way.

“This is a totally different look at it, and I hope to make a positive impact and make someone’s day,” Brockman said. “I’ve never been to San Antonio. It’s a new place and I’m excited to be out of Arkansas to a new culture, meeting new people, seeing new things. I’m excited to see the diversity.”

Brockman said she will get to go with one of her friends, and the group of Tech students will get to see an NBA game during their trip.

Another group of Tech students will also have the chance to explore a different culture.

Leslie Dunmire, junior pre-medical major from Greenwood, said she’s a part of a small group of students going to Paris, France. The students will have the opportunity to see the Palace of Versailles.

Dunmire said, “I love their art. We’re going to their art shows and learning their perspective. They’re more of an ancient culture, and I’m excited to see the difference in their art.”

She said she’ll be going with her roommate and a few other friends who plan to spend an evening at a fancy restaurant, tour the Eiffel Tower and visit Notre Dame. She also wants to visit a cafe and people watch.