The Arka Tech


JENN TERRELL/THE ARKA TECH: Jerry Charles Young I has become a staple at Arkansas Tech since being ushered in as campus ambassador more than a year ago.

Anyone who steps foot on campus knows all about the much loved Arkansas Tech ambassador, Jerry the Bulldog.
The idea of Jerry first came about in the mid-1930s when William O. Young, the business manager for Tech at the time, kept a bull dog named Jerry Young by his side. Jerry was a known companion on campus at the Armory. In 1937, Jerry passed away and the headline in The Arka Tech read “Campus Loses Mascot in Passing of Jerry.”

Last year the idea of the return of a new Jerry came to light. On Oct. 23 2013, SGA voted unanimously to bring Jerry back as the campus ambassador. On Oct. 26, Jerry Charles Young I was introduced at homecoming. His middle name was chosen to honor Tech’s president at the time, Robert Brown.

Only a little over a year later, Jerry is now a beloved and well-known leader on campus. Jerry is now 1 1/2 years old and has a strong reputation all across campus. Even though he is still a pup, he has dedicated his life to Tech and gives campus tours three days each week.

An average day for Jerry consists of waking up, eating breakfast and then heading to Tech. While at work, he courageously leads student tours, hangs out in the admissions office, helps with deliveries and roams around campus. Once his work day is complete, he heads home and lies on the couch to catch some ESPN or Animal Planet (two of his favorites).


During his downtime, he enjoys keeping in touch with his family through Facebook, watching sports, relaxing on the couch and hanging with his roommates/best friends (Sam and Heather Strasner). He also loves attending Tech sporting events — his favorite outings.

The best way to win Jerry over is to give him a cup of ice. He loves to chow down on ice any time of the day. Jerry is extremely popular with the ladies, but he has chosen the life of the eternal bachelor. He doesn’t want to be tied down with such a booming career. He simply doesn’t have the time at the moment.

While Jerry is quite the celebrity on campus, it hasn’t always been easy. When Jerry was first introduced to the world, he was constantly surrounded by crowds of people at several events each day. This was hard to deal with and very overwhelming as a tiny pup. Over time Jerry grew to cherish this type of environment and thrive in it.

While Jerry does have a great attitude and loving personality, he admits his quirk is being ignored. He has been known to chase people down the halls of Doc Bryan for not saying hi in passing.

Since Jerry was introduced his resume has only grown stronger. He is the most photographed canine on campus and possibly the state of Arkansas. While Jerry has considered a career in modeling, he feels his real home is with the staff and students of Arkansas Tech.