Great atmosphere, decent food

Noah Delashaw/The Arka Tech The Bonita Fajitas

Great service and atmosphere make up for decent food

Time and time again I find myself enjoying eating at Mexican themed restaurants with authentic foods and atmosphere. Over time, I have come to realize that most restaurants of this style mesh together and many of them use similar foods and dishes. While they are all good, they are all very similar.

La Casa Bonita tries hard to make itself different from the moment you walk to the front door. The whole setting of the restaurant is very calm and collected inside. You then are greeted at the door and taken to your seat. We chose to eat outside as the weather was good that night. Sitting outside was a very calm peaceful place to sit, eat and talk.

From my experience La Casa Bonita could stand tall as one of the best date locations in town. We were seated and given menus along with the classic basket of chips and salsa. Looking through the menu, I realized how small it was. However, I knew I wanted fajitas before even looking, and I was pleased to see the amount of options for fajitas. I decided to go with the Bonita Fajitas, a mixture of chicken, steak and shrimp. The wait time was pleasantly short as it only took about ten minutes to get our food.

Noah Delashaw/The Arka Tech
The Bonita Fajitas

The fajitas were great; the meats were all cooked to perfection and all the peppers and vegetables that went with it were all cooked well into the food. The Bonita Fajitas were up there when it comes to fajitas. The beans and rice that accompanied the food were a little on the lack luster side as they just seemed like filler.

Overall, I would say that the quality of the food is a little on the lower side but that matched with good service and a great atmosphere I would have to give it a 7 out of 10.

Great for a date night

If it were not for the “Open” sign and flashing lights that accompanied the tucked away restaurant, I would not have known it was open because the parking lot was bare. The empty lot seemed foreboding but I quickly learned that it was all for not.

Immediately after stepping into the restaurant, I was hit with the atmosphere La Casa Bonita embodies. The modern hanging light fixtures reflecting off the sleek tables and floor met with overall cleanliness of the restaurant helped create an ambience that is unlike any other that I have experience in Russellville.

To go along with the impressive interior, La Casa Bonita also offers a fenced in patio area, where patrons can eat outside; This is where I sat, taking in a gorgeous October night sky in Russellville. Outside dining will always be a plus in my book.

If this review was based solely on design and environment, La Casa Bonita would be perfect.

However, a big part of a restaurant is the food, of course and that is where La Casa Bonita takes a dip.

I ordered an enchilada meal, a staple of Mexican-styled restaurants. While the enchiladas were not by any means bad, they were not remarkable in any way. It was a run of the meal enchilada which left me a little disappointed by how exciting La Casa Bonita had been before the food.

The same thing goes for the complimentary chips and salsa that accompanied the meal, while it was appreciated and tasty, nothing set it apart from every other Mexican restaurant you have been to.

To cap it off, the meal was affordable and comparable to other restaurants around Russellville, with a single meal for one being around $12. This was somewhat surprising, as I expected the cost to be a little more as the restaurant comes off as more high class.

All in all, La Casa Bonita offers a big city dining experience without the inconvenience or cost that typically accompany such eateries. I can’t recommend La Casa Bonita enough to those out there looking to impress a certain someone for a date night.