SEC era is now SABAN era

September 28, 2017 Noah Delashaw 0

The dominance of the South-Eastern Conference was in question after their 7-year streak of consecutive national championships came to an end in 2013 by Florida State. In the first year of the college playoffs, the […]

Food Review

Spices food truck worth the wait

September 25, 2017 Amber Appleby 0

Perkedel lacks potato flavor Spices is a relatively new food truck. It showed up toward the beginning of this past April, but I didn’t notice it until early summer. I generally love Asian food, and […]


Let us come together

September 24, 2017 Ricci Logan 0

A lot of changes are happening right now in the world today—we have a new president, Donald Trump, natural disasters happening in Texas, Florida and California. Along with these changes, America has become even more […]