Editorial: Higher education funding formula

November 14, 2016 The Arka Tech 0

This July, Governor Asa Hutchinson announced a 21st century funding formula for higher education. The formula is an outcomes-based system, in which factors like degree completion and reducing costs will be something universities will be rewarded for.



Dr. Hammonds: A balanced life

November 11, 2016 James Knecht 0

In his efforts to create a diverse and inclusive environment here on campus, Hammonds said he is, “making sure whether its race, whether its sexual orientation, whether its religion or non- religion, disability or ability,” all those students have a sense of inclusion while they’re here at Tech. […]

Arts & Entertainment

On second thought

November 10, 2016 Ryan Harmon 0

Our local entertainment store, Hastings, has officially closed, along with all other store branches. I wrote an article a couple of months ago about how the closing was the end of an era that showed a decline in interest for physical products. […]


Editorial: It’s time to focus on the future

November 10, 2016 The Arka Tech 0

After a presidential election that became more divisive and biting than compassionate and unifying, we think it’s time to focus on the future. No matter the president, no matter the issue, there are things we can be doing to strengthen our relationships with one another, as human beings.